Cuevas dels Hams Mallorca

Cuevas dels Hams – atmospheric illuminated cave system

The Cuevas dels Hams were formed by flowing water around ten million years ago and were only discovered in 1905. Since then, the stalactite cave system on the east coast of Mallorca has been further developed and is now one of the island’s main attractions.

System of a dozen underground caves

The Cuevas dels Hams were discovered on March 2nd, 1905 by Pedro Caldentey. The trigger was the search for onyx, an abundant gemstone in the area. Just five years later, when Porto Cristo, which is about a kilometer away, did not have any electricity, Caldentey put electricity into the caves and made it possible to visit them.

The unusually grown stalactites and stalagmites gave the caves their name. The Mallorcan word hams means a fish hook or a harpoon. Just like the nearby Coves del Drac (“Dragon Caves”), the “Fish Hook Caves” also have an underground lake.

Atmospheric lighting and an underground concert show

The Cuevas dels Hams are not least characterized by their atmospheric lighting, for which the son of the discoverer is responsible. The system can easily be explored from a dozen caves on a 500 meter long circular path. A concert show is part of the tour. An illuminated boat drives over the illuminated cave lake to the sounds of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The Cuevas dels Hams are open all year round. Those who want can rent the caves, which are officially located in the urban area of ??Manacor, for all kinds of events. Including concerts, weddings, company events or simply festive dinners. The so-called round cave, which is not underground, but open, is particularly suitable for this. It is now planted and overgrown in a variety of ways, so that a botanical garden has almost emerged here.