Fincas in Campanet

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There is a lot to see in Campanet on Mallorca

In the beautiful Campanet is especially the chapel of Sant Miguel, whose origins are in the 13th Century, very worth seeing. In addition, in Campanet is the birthplace of the famous writer Miguel dels Sants Oliver. And nearby you can visit the estate Monnàber Nou. Even a visit to Alqueria d’Ullaro is a real journey into the past.

South of Campanet water gushes out of the earth. These natural fountains, which are called “fonts” here, are a beautiful natural spectacle. The absolute highlight for some tourists, however, are the caves, which were discovered only in the 40s of the last century. Guided tours of the many halls are offered, and some lakes are waiting for visitors underground.

Every week in Campanet there is a market where you can buy not only food fresh from the region but also some nice souvenirs for your home.