Fincas in Cas Concos

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Cas Concos – tranquil idyll in the east of Mallorca

Between the spicy land air also mixes a very light sea breeze – Cas Concos combines the most beautiful facets of Mallorca in an unforgettable holiday. On the east coast of the Balearic island of Majorca, a few kilometers inland, is the tranquil village of Cas Concos. However, it is not first-rate this idyll that brings the place its fame. In fact, a booming bohemian scene has dominated everyday life for decades.

Art and culture close together

It is the so-called Hamburger Hill, which contributes to the fame of Cas Concos. The residential area between the small town and the neighboring town of Santanyi has been developing steadily since the 1990s and has since attracted mainly the Hanseatic League of Germany. Famous people such as the now deceased Hamburg photographer Rainer Fichel have shaped the flair of this very different scene meeting of the well-heeled. Fichel’s legacy is the restaurant “Viena”, which, like so many places in Cas Concos, is a place of art as well as gastronomy. Cas Concos: This point on the Mallorcan map is dedicated to the arts, which is why not only many artists can be found here, but also a rich offer of art, art exhibitions and events are offered around this subtle skill. Prominent example is the gallery owner Yvonne Massmann, which maintains the gallery “Empire Art” in the oldest house of Cas Concos – one of the hip addresses in the matter of contemporary art.

High quality gastronomic offer

A holiday in Cas Concos is an excellent undertaking for art lovers and art lovers. However, the bohemian scene is accompanied by a surprisingly rich gastronomic offer, which would certainly not be found in other places with such a low population. The village experiences an attractive appreciation – travelers can feast here extensively once through the holiday.

The proximity to the sea makes for attractive excursions

Tourists around Cas Concos, however, also benefit from the immediate proximity to the sea. Only small distances can be mastered, then there are already the colorful fishing boats in the port of Cala Figuera to admire. Here on the east coast there are many small bays that are sometimes more, sometimes less touristy. For example, the Cala Mondrago is popular with its white sandy beach and the turquoise sea. It is part of the 766 hectare Parc Natural de Mondrago Natural Park. This park offers an insight into the peculiar flora of Majorca, which – captivatingly beautiful with its Aleppo pines and olive trees, but also with its colorful flowering plants – tourists can enchant.
There is also a wide range of leisure activities to discover. Whether horseback riding, golfing, diving, sailing or yoga – who likes it actively, finds a suitable offer along the coast before Cas Concos.