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Felanitx – in the east of the island of Mallorca

Felanitx is located just a few kilometers from the east coast inland, directly on the foothills of the Serres de Llevant. The town itself is characterized by the hilly foothills of the mountain range. The fabulous scenery of the mountain range, the rich and rich vegetation and the idyll of the rural area make up the picturesque setting for a holiday in Felanitx.

Experience culture: In Felanitx stands the parish church of Sant Miquel, which is definitely worth a visit – in particular, the equipment of the side chapels of the Gothic main nave shows itself magnificent and impressive. Another popular tourist event is the excursion to the Ermita de Sant Salvador. This place is a place of pilgrimage and had in the late Middle Ages the function to warn against pirate attacks – because from 400 meters high, the view extends not only far into the country, but also on the coast, from where at that time received the vitally important warning signals. The view from here is absolutely gorgeous and gives the view of a scenery that is so typical of Mallorca with its mix of rich nature and poor stone.

Around Felanitx, the region offers a diverse range of diversion. Long walks, hiking tours or horseback riding can be put into practice here. Many holidaymakers in Felanitx also appreciate the nearby mountains for demanding bike tours. Thanks to the proximity to the coast, the bathing fun is also not too short. The direct connection to Portocolom allows you to reach the coast after a few minutes by car, which is famous in the east for the countless small and fine sandy bays. Especially beautiful are the Cala Figuera and the Cala Mondrago, which nestle a few kilometers further south to the coast.

On the coast you are well prepared for tourism – there is no lack of recreational activities such as diving, snorkeling, paddling or sailing. The coastal sections invite to carefree days of idleness on the sometimes downright Caribbean beaches. Highly recommended are the small fishing ports with the nice restaurants on the water – who would like to know the typical Majorcan cuisine, is well advised.

Felanitx is a suitable destination for individual travelers, but also for families. The wide range of leisure activities, opens up the opportunity to do something different every day and thus turn their backs on the daily routine from home.