Fincas in Manacor

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Manacor – a city with history

Manacor is the third largest municipality of Majorca and home to 40,000 inhabitants – that of course shapes the cityscape, which is why holidaymakers only partially meet the flair of the smaller island towns with their winding alleyways. Nonetheless, Manacor is a great city that has a lot to talk about and that in many places makes its history stand out. The gothic parish church Dolores de Nostra Senyora presents itself in a central and monumental way. Today, this place serves as an archaeological museum and lets tourists fascinated by culture marvel at finds from the Roman period.

Extraordinary and exciting: factories of Majorica

Some of Manacor’s attractions are largely determined by the economy. These include, for example, the estate Aubocassa with its approximately 8,000 olive trees. If you register in time, you can even visit the stately home with the adjacent plantation. Even more famous are the factories of Majorica. Here the peculiarity of the product lures to an extraordinary program for Mallorca vacationers: the inspection of a production site. Because here are made of artificial pearls, which look deceptively real for laymen. The artificial pearls are not only popular with the Mallorcans, but are distributed worldwide. In Manacor you can buy the small works of art directly at the place of manufacture. In general, it is easy to shop in Manacor; In particular, ceramics and furniture are produced here and are in high demand due to their special designs.

Horse Racing – Island culture at its finest

But Manacor also offers insights into one of the greatest passions of the Balearic Islands: the trotting race, called “Trot” by the inhabitants. Around Manacor there are a lot of stables where the Trotons are bred and prepared for the races. In addition to the capital Palma, Manacor is the leading city in the practice of this sport. Visitors of the trotting course have the chance to be a part of the island culture for a moment and experience thrilling and atmospheric hours.
Even if the city is not directly on the coast, but this is easily accessible. On the way to the port of Portocristo is a stop at “Es Moli d’en Sopa” mandatory. Here are best Mallorcan treats are served, which one does not forget so fast.

Mallorcan lifestyle for holidaymakers

The coastal area in front of Manacor is heavily influenced by tourism in many places. In Portocristo, the Coves del Drac attract many visitors who do not want to miss the spectacle of the stalactite cave. It is a little quieter then already in the villa urbanization Portocristo Novo. In total, the municipality of Manacor has a good thirty beaches. It is worth getting in advance insider tips, so as not to have to share the fine white sand with numerous other tourists. Somewhat more exclusive it bathes for example at the Cala Pilota or at the Cala Varques.

Manacor is ideal for travelers who appreciate the urban, who want to be in the thick of it and part of the Mallorcan lifestyle – and yet do not want to miss the benefits of a game of golf or good food in a harbor restaurant.