Fincas in Santanyi

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Santanyi – experience history up close

Santanyi itself is located a few miles from the coast in the country and has a long history dating back to the 13th century. Like many of the coastal towns of Majorca, Santanyi has a turbulent history, as the town was an easy prey for pirates. Today, visiting the town church of Sant Andreu Apostol, you can visit the place where the population fled during attacks. Here is also the Capella Roser – this monument also dates from the 13th century.

Delicious delicacies in a golden yellow ambience

A walk through the alleys of Santanyi is worthwhile, if only because of the pretty sandstone houses that characterize the entire cityscape. Golden yellow is their color and, especially in the light of the morning and evening hours, they develop an almost mystical beauty. Starting from the central forecourt of the church extends the weekly market Santanyis and pours into the branched alleys of the city. Every Wednesday and Saturday, everything that spoils body and soul is offered here. Since the market enjoys great popularity, it is worthwhile to go early to have enough time and space to taste the delicacies. Speaking of delights: For a culinary experience, the restaurant Zanranda is especially recommended.

Explore the surroundings: sandy beaches, outstanding views and small bays

If you are traveling by car from Santanyi, you should explore the 35-kilometer long coastline and discover your own favorite place. On such a small trip along the coast you will be able to enjoy the view of the Mediterranean, for example, on the Cap de ses Salines on the southernmost point of Mallorca. Or admire Cala Santanyidas impressive rock gate Es Pontas. For bathing, it attracts many tourists to the small bays, which open to the island crouched to the open sea and usually come up with fine, white sandy beaches, which are not large, but not always as crowded as in the north of the island ,

Cala Figuera – traditional fishing port

An absolute must is the excursion to the Cala Figuera – some conjure this place as magical. Here travelers encounter a fishing port that still gives much praise from the earlier days of the traditional occupation of the islanders. The boats in the Y-shaped bay line up tightly packed. Picturesque here are the houses of the inhabitants built into the limestone hills and look down on the maritime backdrop of the harbor.

Of course, the southeast coast of Mallorca around Santanyi offers the opportunity for a variety of sports activities such as diving, catamaran excursions and sailing. Golfers will find an 18-hole course in Vall d’Or. For art lovers Santanyi has some interesting galleries ready. Holiday in Santanyi is especially varied! Turquoise bays, rough cliffs, blooming almond trees and authentic insights into island life.