Fincas in Son Vida

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Son Vida – Beverly Hills of the Balearic Islands

Located west of downtown Palma and perfectly connected to the wonderful capital, Son Vida is located. It can be described without exaggeration as the Beverly Hills of the Balearic Islands – not only because of its excellent location along the hills of the Serra de Cansi, but also because of the high caliber of the public that has lost its heart to this spot since the 1960s.

The myth of Son Vida is based on the noble hotel of the same name, which not only harbored international celebrities over the decades, but also princes and princes – the crème de la crème of the western world. Also in the 60s, the first golf course in Mallorca was built locally. To this day, it is one of the most popular places on the island – not least because of the excellent views over the bay of Palma.

Holidays in Son Vida are a pleasure to enjoy par excellence. Here travelers will find peace and quiet on the sprawling grounds of the fincas, enjoying discretion and yet always close to the hotspots of the island. During the day with the yacht, the sports or sailboat the most beautiful bay is controlled, in the evening in Palma or on the finca the culinary offer of the Inselküche can be enjoyed.

By the way, Son Vida itself has a total of 435 inhabitants – whoever lives here or owns real estate usually has to move in. The charm of villa urbanization with its magnificent buildings and archetectonically remarkable fincas is unbroken until today. Nestled densely, the district rests between palm trees, Aleppo pines and olive trees. The capital Palma, with its 400,000 inhabitants, can only be perceived as an illustrious panorama from up here – the bustle of the city, on the other hand, remains at the gates of Son Vida. This is how you decide for yourself when the right time is right for you to discover the diverse cultural, culinary and commercial offer of the island’s capital.

Holiday as it can not be more exquisite: a trip to Son Vida is quality of life at its best. Those who take a break here will get to know Mallorca from its classiest and most luxurious side.