Mallorca Symphony Orchestra celebrate anniversary

30 years Symphony Orchestra: Mallorca Symphony Orchestra celebrate anniversary

Mallorca offers more than beach and party. A good proof of this is the Symphony Orchestra of the Balearic Islands, which decisively shapes the cultural scene of the island. In the upcoming season, the orchestra celebrates its 30th anniversary.

The Mallorca makes the luxury of its own symphony orchestra that only very few tourists know. You can listen to wonderful concerts for most of the year. The symphonists can easily compete musically with the well-known orchestras of Europe. The Balearic Symphony Orchestra is considered one of the pillars of the Spanish and European cultural landscape and has many national and international fans.

For 30 years concerts at the highest level

The orchestra was founded in 1988. The 30th anniversary celebrated this year goes back to the founding of the foundation, which marks its 30th anniversary on 30th September. On this occasion, there is also an anniversary concert on the schedule for the upcoming season. The special concert under the direction of chief conductor Pablo Mielgo on September 30, 2019 ends the summer break unusually early this year.

The 15 regular season concerts will start on October 10, 2019. To kick off, the world-famous violinist Frank Peter Zimmermann will be welcomed as a guest. He will perform the legendary Violin Concerto by Beethoven together with the Majorcan Symphony Orchestra. Many more guest soloists will follow until next summer. But also orchestral members will perform as soloists.

The Symphony Orchestra of the Balearic Islands also hosts a well-attended New Year’s Concert every year. The special concert will take place on 1 January 2020 in the Congress Palace. The concert will be conducted on the first day of the year by José Miguel Pérez Sierra. The soloist is the soprano Susana Cordón.

Located in the Auditorium de Palma – Mallorca symphonists celebrate their anniversary

The main venue of the orchestra is the Auditorium de Palma, where many other cultural events take place. However, there are also many concerts in other places in Mallorca, such as in the auditorium of Manacor and in the Roman theater of Pollentia.

The fact that the symphony orchestra under the artistic direction of the conductors Joji Hattori and Pablo Mielgo can celebrate its 30th anniversary this year is no matter of course. Only a few years ago it was fighting for survival. Positions were not filled and the Balearic government had to pay debts of the orchestra.