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Artist village in the west of Majorca: Deia

The charm of this luxurious holiday home was recognized early. It was the writer Robert Ranke Graves, who settled down here in the 1920s and caused a real hype in the coming decades. So Deia got the reputation of an artist village early on. In the course of time, Deia has seen many people come and go from different backgrounds – formerly hippies and (over) life artists, today it is the top earners and investors who dominate the audience. Deia sees each of these encounters: the art and the money shape the small town sustainably. Art lovers will not only find the works of Deias’ international art scene in the galleries and studios, as they will also be exhibited in the restaurants and shops.

Cala de Deia – the most beautiful bay of the island

Around 600 people live here, with half of them involved. And despite the few inhabitants, there is always something going on here – a little bit of excitement and movement comes alone through the day trippers in the village. It takes less than half an hour to cross Deia once. Up the hill, to the parish church and to the cemetery, the way determined by stairs and winding lanes, expects up here a charming view of the sea and the surrounding countryside. The back is a nice walk down to the sea. How to get to Cala de Deia – a bay that deserves to be one of the most beautiful in Mallorca. The rocky beach is just under 100 meters long and invites you to swim in the crystal clear water. On the slopes of the cliff, some boat sheds characterize the scenery, a restaurant makes the stay with panoramic views the perfect event.

Day trips to the wonderful neighborhood

From Deia you can visit more Mallorcan villages – Valdemossa, Soller and Lluc are interesting starting points in the immediate vicinity. Definitely recommendable, however, are long walks and hiking tours. The Serra de Tramuntana, the 90-kilometer-long mountain range on the northwest coast, shows itself here from its most beautiful side. Along the cliffs there are the steep mountain slopes and the view of the Mediterranean Sea, which reappear breathtakingly beautiful behind every curve. Inland, the mixture of terraced orchards and gray rock gardens that are so typical of the mountain range.

Gourmets will also get their money’s worth

Enjoyment is at the center of the Deia holiday. Excellent food, excellent wines, a landscape incomparable scenery and of course the art characterize the travel time. If you are looking for tranquility, you are in the right place here and will soon feel at home in the mountain village.