Fincas in Soller

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The area of ??citrus and fruit trees – Horta de Soller

A trip to Soller is something very special. For although Soller is located on the west coast of Mallorca, along which extends the Tramuntana Mountains, the small town lies in a valley – shielded by high mountains. The area here – the Horta de Soller – is considered very fertile, which is why citrus fruits and fruit trees are planted on a grand scale. Of central importance are the oranges – tourists will be obligated to order a delicious, freshly squeezed juice in the cafes and restaurant. The plantations impressively characterize the region around Soller – to see, for example, during a walk in the pretty mountain village of Biniaraix.

A small town in the sign of art

The town of Soller was coined by some renowned artists. One of the town’s most famous sons is Joan Rubio – a pupil of Gaudi. Rubio brought modernism to Soller – the Spanish variant of Art Nouveau. This architectural style can be admired on the most important buildings of Sollers: on the Banco de Soller, on the west facade of the church of Sant Bartomeu and on the town house Ca`n Prunera – but also the cemetery testifies to influences of the art flow. In the station building of the town, paintings by Picasso and Miro are exhibited. From the center of Sollers with its cafes, restaurants, shops and nice squares it goes on to the Port de Soller. The pretty bay is a harbor basin, on the other hand, it also has a well-kept beach section, which invites almost all year round for bathing – because indeed Soller shines even in winter with moderate temperatures. From the harbor you can reach the neighborhood of Santa Catalina via typical Mallorcan alleys – the fishing district with its cute houses could have sprung just as it did from a postcard motif.

Ideal vacation spot for all hikers

Travelers to Soller appreciate the city as a starting point for hiking tours in the surrounding mountainous landscapes, which are characterized mainly by the Puig Major (1443 m). A real Mallorcan picnic is part of a real Mallorcan trip – the ingredients are provided in the market hall and in the bakery. The Serra de Tramuntana offers many beautiful picnic areas and with outstanding views, the “pa amb oli” can be enjoyed at lunchtime. By the way, one of the most popular routes is the footpath to Lluc, but definitely the route to Fornalutx is also recommended.

Soller convinces at first glance – many attest to the city’s French flair. A trip here is dominated by fantastic scenic impressions, lush nature and the cosmopolitan charm of the townspeople. Between the beach and the mountain peaks you can relax and unwind in Soller.