Fincas in Valldemossa

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Spend a wonderful time in Valldemossa on Mallorca

Not to be missed is the “Palacio del Rei Sanc”, the palace built by King Jaume II in the 13th century. The paintings on the ceilings of the rooms are unforgettable, and the furniture gives a good idea of ??the style and life of the time. The origins of the parish church of Sant Bartomeu date back to this period. In addition, enjoy the picturesque landscape of Puerto de Valldemossa, which should, however, only drive motorists with a lot of experience.

On May 1, 1531, a girl named Catalina Thomás was born in Valldemossa, who later became the saint of the whole island. As a result, almost every building has a tile or fresco commemorating the life and work of “Santa Catalina Tomàs”. A wonderful chapel can still be visited in her birthplace, and every year on July 28, a happy festival is held in her memory.

A versatile magnet for tourists from all over the world

However, Valldemossa owes its current reputation to the French composer Frédéric Chopin. He spent the winter of 1838/39 with George Sand, his partner. In her book “A Winter in Mallorca” she processed the impressions of this stay. Since the two lived in a former monastery of the Carthusians (now the symbol of the village), there is also a well-equipped museum there.

The beautiful location of the community attracts over 100,000 tourists from all over the world each year. For this never-ending influx of guests, there are many cafes serving, of course, the specialty of Valldemossa. These are small pastries made from potatoes. On request, there is a refreshing drink that you must try. This almond milk is known here as “horchata d’Ametla”.
Above all, the eatery called “Es Port” offers to enjoy delicious Mediterranean dishes but a wonderful view of the sea. And of course Valldemossa has a myriad of shops selling popular souvenirs.

Famous people in Valldemossa

When walking through Valldemossa it can be very good that you meet Michael Douglas, because this world star also spends a lot of time in his nearby finca. The actor has started a cultural foundation with Costa Nord. This center commemorates Ludwig Salvator, Archduke of the Habsburgs, who of course left his mark in Valldemossa. Thus, this prince put on a well-preserved hiking trail, which leads from here to 16 km away Deiá.

In Valldemossa, you can also walk in the footsteps of the legendary Empress Sisi, as she visited the Archduke several times as a cousin and friend. But also for sporty enthusiasts the place has a lot to offer. So you can, for example, complete an apprenticeship in paragliding and free climbing here. For lovers of contemporary art, however, a visit to the Museo Municipal Museum is highly recommended, as they show pictures by, for example, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró.