Cycling in Mallorca

Radfahren auf Mallorca

Mallorca offers cyclists optimal conditions: a well-developed and signposted cycling network, beautiful landscapes and a pleasant climate. No wonder that even professional athletes like to complete their training here. But even amateur cyclists get their money’s worth.

Majorca’s cycle path network covers 1,250 kilometers criss-crossing the island. There are beautiful coastal routes that provide a refreshing breeze through a gentle breeze. The bike is also ideal for exploring the quiet hinterland with its last insider tips.

1,250 kilometers of cycling trails in Mallorca

For sporty cyclists it is not a problem to cross the island across or in just one day. The road from the west to the east coast is 96 kilometers. From north to south, there are only 76 kilometers. If that’s too much for you, you can spend the night on the road and, of course, strengthen yourself. Because no place is more than 40 kilometers away from the other.

There are endless tours and routes that can be completed on the island. In addition to cycling guides and cycling maps, there are also numerous suggestions for every condition on the internet. Especially helpful are apps that help to stay on the right path and plan the next rest.

Bicycle must be placed in the aircraft as bulky luggage

It is a bit more complicated to bring your own bike to the island. But even that is not a problem and is practiced annually by thousands of cyclists. If you fly to Majorca, you have to give up the bike as a sports or special baggage. This is for the airport employees and airlines daily business and costs around 50 euros not that much. The really exhausting thing is the professional packaging of the bike according to airline specifications and of course the transport to and from the airport.

The smart alternative is to simply rent the bike in Mallorca. There is a lender in almost every location. Here, in addition to simple touring and trekking bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes and e-bikes can be hired. The longer you borrow the bike, the cheaper the daily rate. When renting, not only do you not have to worry about the transport, but you can also turn to a dealer or a workshop working with him for a plate and other problems.

Helmet and reflective clothing are mandatory in Mallorca

The best season for a cycling holiday in Mallorca are autumn, winter and spring. Then there is usually a pleasantly mild climate and even longer distances can be completed effortlessly. In summer the cool morning and early evening hours are perfect. As soon as it dawns on the Balearic island, the bicycle lights must be turned on. Reflective clothing is as compulsory as a bicycle helmet.