Fincas in Alaro

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Alaro – Wonderful gem

The name of the small village is derived from one of the theory of the Arabic “hisn al-rum”, which means something like “Fortress of the Romans”. Yes, even the ancient Romans settled here at that time. Outside their fortress, they grew wine, and at least that has remained so today. So you get served in one of the many Bodegas locally many good drops that smells so auspicious and in the glass just sparkles.
Every year at the end of June Fiesta Sant Pere and Fiesta Sant Roc are held in mid-August. At these times, the small community swells in front of visitors formally over. However, the countless tourists enjoy coming here all year round, because they appreciate the tranquil tranquility and the rather simple life. Also worth seeing is the old church Església Sant Bartomeu, in whose interior welcome coolness waits. From here there are many hiking trails that are well signposted. A stay in Alaro is just the pure relaxation, which is associated with pure enjoyment of nature.