Fincas in Selva

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The charming town of Selva

The place Selva is not per se as a tourist hotspot. If you arrive here, you can look forward to authentic insights into the Majorcan island life. For the region around Selva is for the most part characterized by agricultural use. Tourists who come here are often part of this agriculture: Agro tourism is the trend that allows tourists to stay on farms.

Selva is surrounded by almond trees. In the flowering time thousands of little trees present their flowers and weigh like a white-pink sea in the winter wind. From the village church you can admire nature and the diverse landscape around Selva at any time of the year. The view extends far, over to Alcudia and to the mountains of Arta on the east coast.

Selva is compact and manageable. Lanes meander uphill and downhill, there are always special traditional houses to admire and small lookout points to discover. Above all, the place offers a fantastic starting point for trips over the island. In the immediate vicinity is for example Caimari. Numerous olive trees testify to the main source of income of the village: the olive oil production. A trip here is definitely recommended. If you drive a bit further, you end up at the monastery Lluc. This pilgrimage site, which is enormously important to the islanders in the protected valley of Lluc, is home to the Black Madonna, the Morenta, a stone figure of unexplained age and unsettled origins. Pilgrimage routes lead to this sacred place, which also gives less-believing travelers an impressive picture of the island’s west coast. Because the hiking trail gives the view of the versatile nature of the island.

The charming town of Selva, surrounded by a rich landscape, is a place of peace and quiet. Tourists who spend their time here on Majorca like to use the opportunities for hiking, climbing and cycling. Of course, beach tourists always have to plan travel time and can head to the coast near Alcudia from here. There, however, opens up the most beautiful of all the coasts of the islands: miles stretched the fine, white sandy beach and invites you to wonderful hours on the water. Of course, you can also sail, boating on the north coast or just spend an evening at the harbor and enjoy the maritime lifestyle of this wonderful island. For golfing there are many offers to the north, east and south – for example, at Pollenca, but also in Bunyola.

Selva provides tourists with moments of beauty that you will not find anywhere else on the island. Between orange, olive and almond trees, the inner serenity grows, so that visitors to this place are captivated by its charm.