Fincas in Cala D’or

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Houses in the local style

The complex called Cala d’Or is still quite young, because it was designed and built by an architect from Ibiza specifically for the tourists in the 30s of the last century. Of course, you will not find any ugly bed castles here, the houses in “Little Ibiza” are all built in the typical style and give a very neat look.

Breathtaking marina

In addition, there is one of the most important marinas on the east coast, where boats of all sizes sway on the water. Here you will find many restaurants and bars. And of course you can rent one or the other yacht to go out to sea. Within sight of the harbor on the edge of a cape rises the medieval fortress called “Es Forti”, which is to be visited. It dates back to the 18th century and was then built on the orders of King Philip V. In addition, the “Parc Natural Mondragó”, where you can really enjoy the beautiful natural beauties of Mallorca, is also nearby.